Rickrack Quilt

Guys today we are going to learn a beautiful quilt that you will love, are you ready?

Guys, we never stop helping you, a very important tip for you who are going to make this beautiful Stepping Stones quilt, before starting, read the entire pattern before choosing and cutting the fabrics, a very important tip for you, to understand the whole process of this beautiful quilt what are we going to do and an idea for you, make this beautiful quilt for the one you love, she will love to receive this beautiful quilt, it can also be made to decorate her room and make it more modern or even sell and generate income extra for you, too cool, so let’s make this Stepping Stones Quilt?.

The color patchwork you choose is a suggestion, but if you want, change the colors however you want. You can do this on Rickrack Quilt, use any fabric that matches your decor that will make a beautiful quilt.

Guys, let’s go to the Quilt For Lovers website, you’ve arrived at the part you’ve all been waiting for, know that the video tutorial instructions below will help you learn how to make the Rickrack Quilt that yields a beautiful quilt. Take advantage of all the information it contains, remember to follow all the steps to make this beautiful quilt, knowing how to check the materials and also the size as this is very important not to make a mistake and good job to you, I hope you like the quilt in today which is very beautiful and also super modern.

PATTERN FREE: Rickrack Quilt

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Tip very important tip that you, before starting, read the entire pattern before choosing and cutting fabrics, to understand the process of this beautiful quilt.

Quilt For Lovers would like to thank Jenny at Missouri Quilt Co, the Tutorial is available free of charge. Jenny Doan demonstrates how to make a quick and easy Rickrack quilt using 2.5-inch strips of pre-cut fabric (jelly roll). She used Alison Glass’ “Sun Print 2019” double spoons for Andover fabric and a white strip roller. This fun and simple quilt block is very similar to a log cabin. There is always a new technique to carry out different jobs successfully! The quilt is a sewing technique and also one of the branches of crafts.

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