Double Diamonds Block Quilt – Demanding Cut

Welcome to Quilt For Lovers, always bringing news, modern projects for you and encouraging you to explore diversity, it helps to improve your skills! And who doesn’t love the famous easy quilt block?! It has clean and simple lines and a fun geometric pattern that makes it classic and modern and in addition, it is perfect for demanding cuts!

Are you ready? Sew each of your blocks with just two fabrics, a print and a solid (Kona Cotton Snow). Feel free to use any combination of fabrics you love, don’t forget to have fun and enjoy it because now is your time!!

Final block size: 12 ”.


On the print fabric, cut:

  • 4 squares 4 3/4 ” x 4 3/4 ” (cut them carefully)

From the solid fabric, cut:

  • 1 square, 4 3/4” x 4 3/4”
  • 1 square 7 1/4” x 7 1/4”
  • 2 squares 3 7/8” x 3 7/8”

Fussy cutting is picking out exactly the part of your fabric that you want to show up on your quilt patch. There are specialty rulers for fussy cutting, but it’s easy enough to make your own. To fussy cut these 4 3/4” blocks, use masking tape (or washi tape) to mark off a square that size on your acrylic ruler. Then put a small dot (use a sticker) in the center of the square to help you center the design .

Center the design that you want to fussy cut in the marked off square and cut two sides. Then turn your ruler around and cut the other two sides. Easy!

Back to the tutorial:

Subcut the 7 1/4” square in quarters diagonally.

Subcut the two 3 7/8” squares in half diagonally.

Now you can arrange the patches like this!

Sewing them together will be easy. Think of it like 5 diagonal rows, the first and last row being a single half square triangle. Press the seams toward the darker fabrics.

So, row 1 = a single triangle, leave it for now.

Row 2 = a quarter square triangle, a square, and then a quarter square triangle. Pay attention to the placement of the triangles. Line up the straight edges and let the small point hang off the edge as shown above.

After sewing both triangles to the square, trim off the little ‘dog ears’ on the top.

Row 3 = a half square triangle, 3 squares, and then a half square triangle.

Sew the three squares together with the solid one in the middle.

Fold the triangle in half to find the center and pinch it to crease. Do the same with a square at the end of Row 3. Match up the centers, and pin the triangle to the square. Stitch.

Repeat to sew another half square triangle on the other end of Row 3.

Sew Row 4 just like Row 2.

Now it’s time to sew the rows together.

Find the centers and sew the triangle that is ‘Row 1’ to the center of ‘Row 2’.

Sew Row 2 to Row 3. If you have been pressing all of your seams toward the print blocks, it will be easy to nest your seams.

Sew Row 3 to Row 4, and then Row 5 (the triangle) to Row 4.

Trim and square up the block, if needed and you’re done!

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