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The surprise may be a feeling of reaction to an unexpected event. It can manifest itself from nervous impulses with chemical and physical manifestations, increasing the heart rate and impelling the person to have some bodily reaction. Surprise means what is unexpected, it is the property of what surprises. A surprise can also be an act performed spontaneously by someone, without the other, or the others, having knowledge. Like a surprise party, common on birthdays or anniversaries. Passionate couples often make love surprises for each other. It is when one of the parts of the couple takes the initiative to create something in honor of the other that is unexpected. It can be anything from a simple act, such as offering flowers as a surprise to your girlfriend outside the special date season, to grandiose gestures like an elaborate wedding proposal as a romantic surprise.

The expression “of surprise” is an adverbial expression of mode, which demonstrates the way the subject was impacted by the action of the other party. An example of its application is in the phrase “Our lives are defined by moments. Especially those that take us by surprise”, said by Jamaican musician Bob Marley. It can be a feeling, like when you say “I was surprised when you called me”. That is, the person did not expect the call from the other party. It is also a way of saying gift, or what is offered to someone: “Last Christmas, I bought a pair of tickets for the show of your favorite band, as a surprise for my boyfriend”. It can also be said of something that did not go as it should: “the test results were a surprise for everyone”, which means that it was different than expected.

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Chocolate Surpresa was the name of a Nestlé chocolate brand very popular in Brazil in the 1980s. It became famous among children due to the figurines that came in the packaging, with images related to nature. They were collectible stickers, and you could join in an album also issued by Nestlé. Everyone loves a good surprise, so surprise who you love the most and make this beautiful piece for her! for sure she will love this tip to her client, friends and family. Have a great job and have fun! The small details make all the difference, do it with love and care.


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Quilt For Lovers would like to thank the site, for providing us with the complete impression of this beautiful work, follow it step by step carefully and start your project, in addition to an excellent job. Thank you for visiting our website. We always try to bring the best for you. Did you like the article? There is always a new technique to carry out differentiated and successful jobs! The quilt is a sewing technique and also one of the branches of handicrafts.

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