Chevron Falls Quilt

Welcome to Quilt For Lovers, if you are looking for a wonderful work with colors that combine well and make your environment colorful and happy, it is also a beautiful handmade work elaborated and full of wonderful details… you are in the right place! The Chevron Falls Quilt, the manual art of the bedspread, allows to create unique and incredible pieces that can be used in the most diverse types of places, as they are versatile and complete in almost all types of decoration, the comforters have been a great success.

Nothing better than a bedspread that makes your bed / sofa beautiful and also warms you up, being perfect to warm you up during a movie. Great for the coldest days that come with winter, being delicate and promising to be a great success whatever the occasion that is used. It is easy to make and you can adapt it through the pattern to any size and feel free to choose the colors that match your decor items!!

Below, you will find the link to this beautiful pattern in PDF, this beautiful Chevron Falls Quilt, a mixture of vivid colors that I really liked and that brought as the perfect model and also the free pattern step by step with all sizes to make this Chevron Falls Quilt charming.


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Quilt For Lovers would like to thank by Banyan Batiks Studio for providing us with the complete modeling of this beautiful work, follow its step by step carefully and start your project, in addition to an excellent job.

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