Layers of Charm Quilt

Welcome to Quilt for Lovers, the site that brings you the best and most amazing patterns for you! Everyone agrees that the quilt is an art made by the quilting method, and that quilting is a craft of sewing pieces of cloth to form a quilt with a pattern design or other household items! It can be a fun and rewarding hobby, and can be done alone, among friends and family.

Prepared to learn a beautiful pattern called Layers of Charm Quilt, with modern design and beautiful to see. DO NOT WORRY! It is not as difficult as it looks, you will see and be delighted, nothing like a willpower and dedication, to obtain an incredible final result, even if it is not at your level, explore and have fun! Are you ready for this new challenge? So let’s go!

Below you will find the link to this beautiful pattern in PDF and an image of a mix of vivid colors that I liked a lot and that I brought as a model and also the free pattern step by step with all sizes to make this Layers of Charm Quilt.


Image By: pinterest
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