Summer Pinwheel Quilt

Now let’s face another challenge, and let’s discover a world of possibilities cutting the diagonal blocks? Who’s going? Let’s start with a simple block … the Catavento, or the Pinwheel Quilt. That beautiful Quilt Wind vane pattern, you’ll love it.

This Quilt Wind vane pattern is a block of two versions, so one of the prototypes is a very simple weathervane, and a little more advanced. You can start with one and then do the other, or choose what you like the most. Come on!

1º Sample Pinwheel

  1. The begin by separating and cutting the squares of the desired size, remember that they decrease after sewing, add seam allowance. You will need 4 squares, two of each print, of the print you prefer.

Tip: When choosing how you are, it is good that they appear contrasting, once again clear, or different colors, to have a more interesting result!

  • Mark in each of the squares (without verse), a diagonal. Also mark a seam allowance for each side.

  • Use two squares of different prints. The right to use the fabric (front to front) and the seam in the demarcations (as well as diagonal, on both sides).

  • Then cut the diagonal of the square, and as part of the new squares.

  • Trim the tips that are left over and now it’s time to put the new squares together. Arrange the pieces on the table to observe the drawing, so that the patterns alternate.

  • Join the squares making sure that the seams of the diagonal match, this is very important for the final result

  • After costing two by two, this is the result of the block. It’s very simple, and it’s beautiful!

Finish: To finish, just add all the blocks together!!

Now the second option, is a more complete, three-stamp weathervane.

Obs. There is not an extra step for this type of paper, so they have few photos.

2º Pinwheel Quilt

In this case you will need 3 prints:

  • A square with a stamp 1 (which should be clear or very different, to make the background)
  • A square with another 2 that should relate to 3, one next closer, lighter, darker, which will be smaller than a weathervane, the one that gives the impression of being a back.
  • And two squares with a stamp 3, which will be a main color of the weathervane. Choose as prints with affection and cut in perfect spaces (equal sides).

Hint: Mark the numbering on the back of the fabric so that you do not get lost in the explanation that follows.

You can stitch comics in two ways:

1º) In the same way as done no previous tutorial you will join, like prints 1 and 2. Will form 2 squares of two colors, right? Each square will be unraveled to a small square of picture 3, in the same way it has already been made.

2º) Cut the comics from stake 3 in two parts by the diagonal, and prints 1 and 2 in 4 parts, and assemble the separate pieces (I find that way more complicated).

After making the squares, follow the blocks and observe their positions in the assembly. And sew two by two. Ready!

Super tip:
Did you know that with squares, you can form 3 different blocks? Look how nice it is:

Have fun people, this challenge is very cool!

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