Easy Fat Quarter Tea Towels

Quilt For Lovers bringing news to you!! How to make a tea towel?? You can use it in your kitchen and make it even more beautiful, bright and with a touch of your own!! You are capable, so I created your own using some of your favorite fat quarters (because they are pre-cut to the perfect size). The two layers of cotton are not very thick and you will notice that the more washes, the softer and more absorbent they become!!

This pattern is lightly embroidered on the edges in Japanese Sachiko style with pearl cotton, which helps to keep the shape in the wash and gives a handmade and sweet appearance. Are you ready to do some?? You will need two quarters of fat and pearl cotton for each tea towel. They are quick and easy, so feel free to make a big pile at once and they are beautiful!!



So, choose two fat quarters for your first tea towel and place them on the right side on the cutting board. Make selvedge uniform…


And trim all the edges to make the fat quarters the same size all around. Cut off the selvages too.




Pin around the edges, and sew all the way around leaving about 3” open for turning.

Use a 3/8” seam allowance.



Clip the corners, turn right side out and press. Then stitch the opening closed close to the edge.


Make a whole bunch and get ready to embroider!



If you like pearl cotton and find it fun, this pattern is perfect! For this project, thread a sharp needle with a long thread and tie a knot at the end. reasons.


Take your first stitch, only going through one layer of fabric. You are going to bury the knot in the middle of the towel.


Pull the thread through to the end and gently tug at the knot until it pops into the middle. If it pops all the way out, no worries – that happens. Just try again.




Hand sew long stitches (this time all the way through on both sides of the towel) all the way around. Use the seam allowance on the inside of the towel as a guide to keep your stitching straight. You can feel it through the fabric.

When you get to the end of your thread, use your needle to tie a knot in your thread about 1/4” away from the towel. Take a last stitch through one layer only (kind of like the first stitch) and pop the knot to the center again. Pull the thread taut and cut, hiding the end on the inside.

Repeat with another strand of pearl cotton until you’ve sewn all the way around. Done!



If you want to make your sewing a little more sophisticated, use an ink pen that disappears (like Frixon) to mark a design on the edges. You can use the bottom of a cup for curves and the corner of my ruler for a zig zag effect.

ing ink pen (like the Frixon) to mark a design around the edges. Here you see I used the bottom of a cup for curves and the corner of my ruler for a zig zag effect.


Then sew around them the same way, following your marking lines.


And ready your project is finished!

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