Magic Apron

Welcome to Quilt For Lovers!! Well, why not learn a new pattern, so you can explore and hone your skills?! This time, you will do something new, different… learn how to sew this magical apron, perfect, simple, functional and beautiful, is there anything better??

Note: Lecien’s Oxford is heavier than normal cotton for quilts, so it is comparable to fabric for home decor. This apron is made of a single layer of fabric; so if you are or even prefer to use thin cotton for quilts, you may not like the result. This is a pattern that with any type of print is perfect and without doubt is unisex too!!

Some of the fabrics from the Flower Sugar Maison Oxford have stripes along the edges of the selvedge, so this pattern takes advantage, for those who may have variations of the bottom of the apron and in some of the ties. If the pattern works with one meter of fabric, you can place a piece of the pattern in the width (as shown) or in the length, this is up to you!!

You will also need:

  • 1 yard of 44” wide fabric (heavier cotton such as sateen, twill, or home decor weight recommended)
  • matching thread

The standard includes only written instructions so you can save ink when printing. See the same instructions with photos, the step by step is below.

The pattern piece is printed on 8 pieces of paper. As you can see in the image above, page 2 has nothing important, you can choose not to print it if you wish.

Print the pattern on the 100% scale. There is no overlap, you will need to cut the margins. TIP: Place page 8 on top of the stack and use a transparent ruler and a rotating blade to cut the top and left sides where the printed lines end.

After that, it will be easier to combine the lines and paste the pages. Don’t worry about making it perfect, your apron will look great!


  • 1 from the pattern piece on the fold of fabric
  • 2 strips 2 1/2” x 24” (for the neck straps)
  • 2 strips 2 1/2” x 35” (for the waist ties)
  • 1 rectangle 9” x 7” (for the pocket)

Hem the apron:

The first step is to hem around all the edges of the apron. Start with the curved edges as it can be the most complicated.

Hem a curved edge is to sew 1/4 ” from the edge.

  • Then it’s easy to press the curved edge to the back along the stitching (first picture above).
  • Fold it over one more time and press (second picture).
  • Stitch close to the fold (third picture).

You can sew 1 ” hems on the top and bottom of the apron if you love the look of a nice wide hem.

Tighten and sew the 1/2 ” hems on the sides.

Sewing the Apron Straps:

Sew all of the straps the same way with a 1/4” seam allowance. Fold each strap in half lengthwise and stitch across the short end. Pivot at the corner and stitch the long edges together.

Clip across the corner where you pivoted without cutting the stitching.

Push a chopstick or turning tool into the short sewn end to help turn it right side out.

Press the strap flat and then press the raw edge end over by about 1/2”.

Repeat these steps to sew both neck straps and both waist straps.

Front view.
Front view.

Back view.
Back view.

Pin the neck straps to the top corners of the apron with the folded raw edges against the apron.

You can attach and sew this part from the front to ensure that it looks neat, but you can also attach and sew on the back if you prefer.

Secure the end of the strap in place by sewing in a square.

Sew both neck straps to the top corners of the apron.

Then sew both waist straps to the side corners of the apron in the same way.

Pressing and Sewing the Apron Pocket:

Press the side and bottom edges of the pocket rectangle to the back 1/2”.

Then fold and press the top edge to the back twice.

Stitch the top edge close to the fold.

Pin the pocket to the front of the apron on the side that you prefer

EXAMPLE: It can be on the right about 3 cm from the side edge and 3 cm from the curve. But you can actually place your pocket wherever you want, such as on the sides and / or the bottom edge. this is up to you, but be sure to weigh it firmly in the upper corners.

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