Christmas Spin Table Runners

Hello to all the people who follow our website, these models of Table Runners that we will learn a beautiful Christmas effect! These colors are usually a classic at Christmas. Even at Christmas, this does not mean that you cannot use it at another time of the year to use it all year round, because it fits perfectly in all seasons and in a beautiful pattern.

Did you know that many think so because of the colors used (red and green) used for Christmas, but if you want something very different, you can play with your favorite colors, of course, leave more to your taste and make a face. extremely important for satisfying work and making beautiful Christmas table runners.


Complete with a piano key border, this Christmas Rotating Table Runners pattern is a fantastic way to breathe new life into fabric flaps. Give your home a wonderful Christmas decoration with this Free Table Runners pattern.

To make the Christmas table runners in the photo:

Basic Instructions

  1. Please read all instructions before you begin.
  2. All seams as ¼” unless stated otherwise.
  3. RST meant Right Sides Together
  4. Binding – cut strips 2” wide, stitch together end to end. Press in half lengthways and attach as per your preferred method.

Cutting instructions

To make one pinwheel block you need:-

4 x 3” square blocks in colour one

4 x 3” square blocks in colour two

Cut the required number of sets for the table runner you are making

For the Square Runner – You need to make 12 Pinwheel Blocks

For the Rectangle Runner –  You need to make 14 Pinwheel blocks

In addition to the above  you need the following to complete the tops:-

Square Table Topper                           Rectangle Table Runner

1 x 10.5” square fabric for centre               1 – 20.5” x 5.5” fabric for centre

90” of 2” wide binding                                 100” of 2” wide binding

Assembling the Pinwheel Blocks


Decide which colour you want as the centre of your pinwheel.

here, the pink  will be the background, while the green will form the pinwheel.

1.  Fold in half wrong sides together as pictured. NO need to iron.


2.  Fold one point over and pin.

3. Pin to your background fabric


4. Repeat for all four and layout as pictured to form your pinwheel


5.  Sew the top two and bottom two together as pictured here.

(So sorry if this picture is showing sideways. It keeps loading this way)


step6Pin top and bottom together and sew, nesting your centre seam.It will be a little bulky in the centre because we have so many layers all coming together, so just sew slowly with your Bernina.Press your centre seam open to help even out the bulk. 

Repeat this process for your desired number of blocks.


Lay your pinwheels out in a pleasing manner around your centre until you are happy with how they look.

Putting together the square topper

Sew the two side blocks on each side of the centre square together.step 12. Then sew these to your centre square.step 2
3. Sew the top 4 blocks together.step 3  4. Then pin and attach to your centre panel.step 4 
5. Repeat for the bottom 4 squaresstep 5  

Congratulations you now have the top of your Square Table Topper.

Press, Sandwich and quilt your table topper as desired and attach your binding.

Putting together the rectangle runner.

rect step 1Sew your two side blocks to the main rectangle
rect step 2Sew the top six blocks together
rect step 3Then pin and attach to the main body
rect step 4Repeat the process for the bottom blocks.

Press, Sandwich and quilt your table topper as desired and attach your binding.


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