Cabin Fever Blues Quilt

If you love the classic hut then you will fall headlong into this completely awesome Quilt Cabin Fever Blues pattern. A wonderful finish to a large bed spread, this free quilt pattern combines plenty of scrap padding with the traditional wooden hut to create a beautiful design to impress and impress many.

Complete with a piano key edge, this log cabin quilt pattern is a fantastic way to give new life in your fabric flaps. Give your home a marvelous wooden hut decor with this free quilt pattern.

To make the quilt Cabin Fever Blues pictured:

You need:

  • Blue fabrics – 6 ½ yards of various blues and yellows that look nice together (includes piano key border)
  • Yellow fabric for centers of log cabin block – ¼ yard
  • White fabric – 4 1/8 yards
  • Tan fabric – 2 yards
  • 3/4 yard of your favorite color for binding.

This quilt is composed of only 1 block. The design is created by turning the blocks. This is a classic wooden hut
block. This is just one of many ways log cabin blocks can be organized.

Make the Incredible Pattern of Cabin Fever Blues.

For each block
: (you need to make 36 blocks) You have cut the blocks one turn at a time.
rounds – meaning that both blue logs in each round were of the same color. See diagram.

It was used upcycled fabrics, cut into groups. That means about 10 to 15 sets of records were made at a time, then sewed them up and then made some more. It is tedious and slow to use recycled fabrics.

For tracks:

  • 16 – 2 “x14” white strips
  • 46 – 2 “x 14” strips plus you’ll need long strips for the thin edge (about 400 “2” wide
  • 25 – tan 2 “x2” cornerstones
    The boundaries will be discussed later.

Construct Blocks: This is what the block looks like: Ideally it should measure 14” when finished but before putting into the quilt. After sewing into the quilt it should be 13.5”

Start by sewing the white to the yellow square and work around in a counter clockwise direction, adding 2 colorful logs of the same color per round.

Make 36 blocks.

How to make this quilt:

  1. Lay out completed blocks according to diagram. (Ignore the borders for the moment.)
  2. Sew together in rows: Watch for placement of tan and white sashing strips and tan cornerstones.
  3. Connect rows.
  4. Press well.
  5. Add borders: Add tan border – cut 2” x length as measured through the middle of the quilt. (I normally do give you measurements but I think most people have the tendency to make their logs a bit smaller than supposed to be and this will make this whole quilt center a couple of inches smaller than your cut borders if you do what is “supposed to be”.) Add piano key border – cut 2”x 5.5” strips from your leftover various pieces of shirtings. I tried to use up all the leftover pieces this way. You will need approximately 61 per side. Sew together 61 of these strips. Press seams all one direction. Attach to the sides. If they don’t work out evening at the bottom of your row, just cut off. For corner blocks cut 5.5”x5.5” also of leftover shirting or upcycled fabrics as you desire. On the third and fourth sets of piano key borders, first add the corner blocks, then attach the borders to the top and bottom. Check for to make sure that the piano key border is the correct length before attaching the second corner block on the strip. I usually wait until I’m about 5” from the end of the main quilt top, then trim the piano keys if needed, then attach the corner block, then finish sewing the strip of piano keys on to the main quilt.
  6. Sandwich, using whatever type of batting and backing you prefer.
  7. Quilt as desired. I did an all over meander. Here are a couple of closeups.
  8. Turn on using any method you want.


Congratulations! Your quilt is finished! Appreciate!

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