Tree Farm Table Runner

Welcome to Quit For Lovers, excited to start a new pattern ?! People who don’t like to decorate the house in a special way and choose to receive family and friends on Christmas Eve? And, of course, nothing better than using the table runner made by you, with all love and affection.

And today we’re going to see how to make this beautiful table runner that can also be perfect for too cool Christmas. You will love the fabrics to match your decor and any season. First of all you can start by choosing fabrics in your favorite colors and you will certainly create an impressive salon with a lot of charm in this beautiful pattern.

Looking at it, it seems difficult to look at the thick path, but you know that, with some tips and the video with the instructions we will share, it is easier than it looks, and it is very worthwhile to make this table runner. A tip if you like pills, use appropriate compresses. The pattern we’re going to learn today and for finished size is 17½” × 51½”. Read all instructions before beginning this project. All instructions include a ¼” seam allowance.

Did you know that this corridor can be used on the wall, if you want it too, it’s all a matter of personal taste. Because this pattern has this Christmas look, it is more used to decorate these commemorative dates, but this model can also be used for any other date; therefore, changing the color of your preference, and also playing with colors is always one of the first tips to make a beautiful quilt with your face, beautiful with this pattern.

This pattern certainly conveys a different decoration, which makes you have something very different in your home. An important tip that you can not forget and very cool is to give to someone, it is certainly an amazing idea for gifts for people you love.

Guys, nothing better than learning a beautiful Christmas quilt. With a few hours, you can make a beautiful Christmas ornament in your home and make your home more beautiful for people you love. It can be simple to decorate your home for the end of the year using bedspreads. With a few steps, you will have very interesting effects on pieces that can make all the difference in your cool Christmas decoration.

For everyone who liked this Christmas star table runner pattern, like me, they can’t help doing this beautiful job and doing more of the work done by their hands. Below I leave the pattern in PDF of the tutorial and free with all the information of sizes, step by step, colors that can be used as ideas. Good work for everyone and a great week.

Pattern PDF Free: Tree Farm Table Runner

Agent of the site Quilt For Lovers, we want to thank by Gina Martin, for providing us with the complete pattern of this beautiful work. Follow your step by step carefully and start your project, an excellent job and up to the next pattern.

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