Quilted Ipad Cover

Welcome to Quit For Lovers, excited to start a new pattern ?! You will appear to make a beautiful quilting to protect your iPad, this project is simply incredible and with this pattern you will not have any difficulties to reproduce!!

This cabinet uses only 1/2 meter of main fabric and 1/2 meter of coordinating fabric and has the best method to make the zipper the easiest, so don’t worry you won’t have any difficulties!! Ready to start?!



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  • 1/2 yd main fabric
  • 1/2 yd coordinating fabric
  • 1 yd of cotton quilt batting (such as Warm and Natural)
  • 1 zipper, 20” long
  • Fabric marking pen or pencil
  • An acrylic ruler with 45 degree angle markings
  • Quilt basting spray (such as SpraynBond) or curved safety pins


From the main fabric, cut:

  • 1 rectangle 12 1/2’’ x 19’’
  • 3 bias strips 1 1/2’’ x approximately 25’’ *.

*After cutting the large rectangle, use the 45 degree markings on the ruler to cut the 3 bias strips at an angle. See diagram

From the coordinating fabric, cut:

  • 1 rectangle 12 1/2’’ x 19’’

From the cotton quilt batting, cut:

  • 2 rectangles 12 1/2’’ x 19’’
Screen Shot 2020-02-01 at 11.38.17 PM.png


1. Stack the fabric and quilt batting rectangles together with the 2 pieces of batting in the middle, the lining fabric on the bottom, and the main fabric on top. The wrong sides of the fabric should be against the batting. Secure the layers together with quilt basting spray or curved safety pins.

2. Use the ruler and fabric marker to draw lines 1 1/2’’ apart at a 45 degree angle on the quilt sandwich. Then turn the quilt sandwich around and draw lines going in the opposite direction. See diagram.

3. Sew lines of quilting along all of the drawn lines.


4. Cut the quilted piece in half and trim the pieces to 9’’ x 11 1/2’’. Use a bowl or cup with a 4’’ diameter to round two opposing corners. See photo above.

Sew the Zipper

1/4” seam allowance allowed.

1. Open the zipper and pin it face down around the curved edge of a quilted piece. Make 1/8’’ clips in the zipper tape to help it lay flat around the curve. See photo. 

2. Using your sewing machine’s zipper foot, baste the zipper to the quilted piece 1/4’’ from the edge.


3. Pin and baste the other zipper tape to the remaining quilted piece in the same manner. See photo.


Sew Binding to the Zipper Tapes

1. Fold the binding strips in half lengthwise (wrong sides together) and press. Trim away the uneven ends.

2. Pin a binding strip on top of one of the zipper tapes, aligning the long raw edges. Let the extra binding strip hang off the ends.


3. With a regular stitch length and your zipper foot,  sew the binding strip on top of the zipper 1/4’’ from the edge.

4. Cut notches into the seam allowance at the curves. Turn the binding around to the lining side and press flat. Pin the binding in place from the right side.

5. Topstitch 3/16’’ away from the zipper, sewing  binding down from the right side.

6. Repeat steps 2-5 above to sew a binding strip around the other zipper tape.


Finish the Sleeve

1. Fold the sleeve with the exterior pieces facing each other. Pin and stitch along the raw edges, pivoting at the corner.

2. Clip the corner and trim the edges if they are uneven.


3. Open the remaining binding strip and press one  long raw edge to the center.

4. Pin the free raw edge of the binding strip around the raw edges on the case, letting at least 1’’ hang off either end. See photo

5. Sew the binding on top of the previous seam, pivoting at the corner. 


6. Trim the extra binding away, leaving 1’’ at both ends. Wrap an end around the corner, and then fold the binding around the raw edge. See photos.

7. Pin the binding around all of the raw edges and the opposite corner.

8. Sew the binding down close to the fold. 

Wow, now you have a cover that besides being beautiful, protects your iPad!

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Quilted Ipad Cover

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