Starburst Quilt

For those of you who want to improve your skills in this area of ​​crafts and who loves both quilt and crochet patterns, you can not miss out on the news that is coming, today we will see this beautiful Starburst Quilt. The result of this work is simply wonderful, it is really amazing because it looks very beautiful! It’s a great gift choice and even a sell.

The work done with the hands is very rewarding. It is indicated as a great pastime, bringing many benefits such as improved motor coordination, improved mental health, improves memory, distracts the head and is also indicated for the treatment of depression. Working with fabrics has been done for many years, joining fabrics in different ways, giving new designer to every change. With the passage of time, the crafts have been updating, modernizing and growing every day.

Keep reading to learn how to do and good work for you, let your imagination flow.

About the default

The pattern is called the Starburst Quilt from Missouri Star Quilt, it’s a quilt with a modern star designer with triangular trims.
The standard is the quilt quilt from Missouri, it’s a patchwork quilt with a modern triangular star designer. There may be color modifications to mix or match tones. You can do it according to the occasion or according to the decor, the way you like it and what you think is best. It’s also a great idea for someone dear.
The quilts have the “duty” to warm us up and also make the environment more pleasant and beautiful; are always welcome. If you dedicate yourself then a piece well worked and stitched will give another result. Decide the fabrics, the colors and do a beautiful job.

Below, I relate the information to make this work and a video tutorial that is easier to understand and follow.

Quilt Size

The size of the Jenny quilt is 57 × 57, including the 4.5 “border [48 × 48 without borders]. Sixteen pieces of cake were used with a color or focus [Square 10] and 16 pieces of cake with a layer [or 10] The quilt has 8 rows and 8 columns for 64 square triangle [HST] blocks.

Watch the pattern video and learn how to do it.

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