Blueberry Pie Quilt Block

Hello, welcome to Quilt For Lovers. Let’s make a block pattern for the Blueberry Pie Quilt Block. At the end of the pattern, these blocks provide a star as the main feature. A few years ago, some people had no idea if it was a traditional block or had a name. This block is not difficult to build, but because of the number of cut pieces, you must take care to sew, a precise margin of 25 cm so that your seams are aligned correctly

For this reason, blueberry pie is at the intermediate level of the difficulty category. It is the perfect quilt to use from your blueberry pie quilt block. The Blueberry Pie quilt block is a pack of nine patches with patches of half-square triangles commonly used for placing N and units of flying geese, these patches give it a star as its main feature.

Build the breeze as the 6 “blocks are made with just one corner of the connector! Make the outer edge of leftover scraps and end up with a lot of Flying Geese The blocks are simple but the end result is very good! of the quilt you want to make, whether for baby, toddler or adult bed, after that you should think about the size of each block and make a restriction to know how many blocks you have to measure the height and width of the block. in the end, if you do not measure, the quilt will be smaller.

After that, it’s time to pack the pieces of fabric. You can do whatever you want in esk or adjust the size on the floor. One tip is to leave everything exposed so that you see 100% of the appearance of the piece, and another tip is, if necessary, to fasten with the pins. Originally designed to use a panel, but this beautiful design will show any fabric, you can not simply cut into small pieces or use your favorite squares of 10. “Can be made in 4 different sizes: throw, twin, queen and king

Fabric Requirements

Release – 59 x 76″

(6) 9-1 / 2 “squares 1-5 /8 yards – dark blue tonal 1-1 / 8 Yards – Swirls 1-2 / 3 yards – blue sheet and throw berry 2-1 / 2 yards – tonal cream 3-1 / 2 yards – Support

Twin-78 “x 95”

(12) 9-1 / 2 ” squares 2-1 / 2 yards – cark blue tonal 1-3 / 8 Yards – Salds 2 yards – blue sheet and berty toss 3-3 / 4 yards – tonal cream 7 yards – support

Queen – 95 “square

(16) 9-1 / 2 “squares 2-7 / 8 yards – dark blue tonal 1-3 / 8 Yards – Swirls 2-3 / 8 yards – blue sheet and throw berry 4-1 / 4 yards – tonal cream 8-1 / 2 yards – support

King – 112 “square

(25) 9-1 / 2 squares 4-2 / 3 yards- dark blue tonal 1-2 / 3 Yards – Swirls 2-5 / 8 yards – blue sheet and throw berry 6-1 / 8 yards – tonal cream 10 yards-support


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