Granny Square Quilt Block

Interested in block style of Granny Square? Try this easy and fun pattern Granny Square Quilt Block

Ready for another patchwork pattern? A lovely quilt for you !! It is important to seek every day more knowledge and acquiring experiences to have more skill in doing the standard. So much dedication, love and patience is fundamental to having a great result. This is a great option for standard quilting is a block from Granny Square. An easy-to-level pattern for beginners, making your first quilt small or large. The union of the fabrics in small sizes gives a fantastic result in the end, the way it fuses and mounts the design is beautiful.

The common size of the quilt is about 50 X 60, a good size, but nothing prevents you from making other sizes that you prefer and want. Below is the tutorial of this standard Granny Square Quilt Block that is easy and fun to do, not to mention that it is the kind of pattern that leaves the modern environment, who does not love !? As soon as you finish you will be proud of the beautiful pattern that you have made, you can presentiar someone or just decorate the hambiente where you live !! If you do not feel comfortable with this, you can also see other Quilting options.

What a crazy square that granny is.  The individual patches in the block are traditionally displayed as though on point.  However the individual blocks they make are squared. 

The traditional Granny Square block is made using a three colour combination of rings plus a background fabric.  Additional rings can be added.  A four colour combination block has been known to be called the Great Granny Square.

Most Granny Squares are made using high contrasting choices to highlight the rings and center square.  This granny has a black center square, a blue inner ring, and an orange outer ring. 

Let’s go!

For one block, here’s what you’ll need:  – 12 – 2.5″ squares of background color (Kona Snow was used) 8 – 2.5″ squares of print or solid scraps in your chosen color for the outer ring- 5 – 2.5″ squares of print or solid scraps in your chosen color for the inner ring 

To make a quilt like this, you’ll need about 2 feet of solid bottom fabric (Kona Snow was used). This includes enough to tie and embroider. You’ll also need 260 – 2.5 “squares for your blocks. Maybe you have the custom of cutting more than this exact amount so you can play around with color placement when you put your blocks together. any way, right!?

Now place them next to your sewing machine and sew them together in rows.

After sewing all the lines, they should look like the picture above. Note that the two white and solitary corner pieces have not yet been attached to anything. This is how it should be.
TIP: Press these open seams.

Now take and stitch these lines together by adding these solitary corner squares to the ends where they belong.

You should now have a complete block that looks like this. These arrows are one of the hard ways to show how these seams should be pressed. For those who like to press their open seams, they work best if pressed to one side in the direction shown above.

Now you just need to cut your block! You will want to cut an inch away from the stitch in your colored squares so that the stitch does not get lost in your sea

It turned out to have been cut to 9 1/8 “square. This may vary slightly, depending on how small / generously you sew your 1/4” seams. No matter, just so your blocks are all square and the same size.

In this standard, 20 blocks were made for this quilt and fastened with 2.5 “wide strips. With 6” wide outer edges.

You can make a quilt from it using an orange cotton perle. No picture or picture is made. Simply slip and run your quilt with safety pins in the same way you do to fill the machine.


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