Field of Diamonds Scrap Quilt Pattern

Don’t worry, in addition to being a lymph, the Field of Diamonds Scrap Quilt Pattern, designed with a combination of two traditional quilt blocks, the Sixteen Patch block and a block more commonly called X, although it is known by other names.

A patchwork border extends beyond the outer blocks to continue the stitch extensions connected to the sixteen patchwork blocks. The quilt ends at about 56 “x 72”. But feel free to make it the size you want, you can increase its size by adding one or more borders to the quilt or sewing additional quilt blocks.

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Quilt Construction Options
There are several variations of this type of traditional bedspread layout, which looks complicated at first, but relaxes, which is actually quite simple to build. Note: This pattern includes a few different options to help you make the best use of your existing fabrics.

  • Sew the sixteen patchwork blocks with pieces or long strips of fabric or a combination of the two.
  • Quilt X blocks are assembled quickly using a simple technique, remembering that the size is free!
  • The 2-1 / 2 “wide Jelly Roll strips can be used to make this patchwork, but sew with your own rotary cut strips if this is a better option.

Some of the different versions of the bedspread:
1 ° Smaller amount of flaps on the edge.
2 ° Change from light to black
3 ° The blocks changed their position in the layout.

Choose fabrics for the patchwork.
The sample quilt has a white background. We recommend that you use the same background throughout the quilt to provide a constant backdrop, but the color does not necessarily have to be white. You can choose to completely change the color value (contrast) and sew with a very dark background,

This quilt is not very complicated, but you can create a theme. You can even choose light to dark fabrics of the same color to create a monochromatic bedspread, take it easy and explore your imagination!

You can choose to sew the quilt over time, accumulating blocks or pieces for blocks, as there are remaining fabrics. Scrap quilts are all about variety; therefore, do not become obsessed with color and the placement of the color value when sewing components. Work with a variety of fabrics and add a little black to the mix to add depth.

Take care when cutting and sewing.
No matter how you build them, Patch Sixteen blocks have many seams. This means that you must use an accurate quarter-inch seam allowance or your blocks will be either very small (typical) or very large (less likely).

Why are sewing permissions important? As the Sixteen Patch blocks are next to X blocks with much less seams, decreasing the likelihood that the X blocks are out of size or skew. Test your seam allowance and you may find that you need to sew the Sixteen Patch block with a ‘sparse’ (narrower) quarter inch seam.

Cut carefully and press and measure while you work, so that all the blocks and the edge of the flaps fit exactly as they should when assembling the quilt.

Quilting fabrics and other materials.
It is difficult to calculate the exact yards for a patchwork, because each quilt works with remnants of different sizes.

Colorful fabrics for quilt blocks. If the colored fabrics in each block are identical, you will need about 4 meters. Use this figure as a guide when looking for debris in your fabric stock. If you are small, consider buying eighths or quarts of fat to accumulate a variety of fabrics.

Background Fabric for Blocks and Patchwork Border

  • 4 yards


  • A panel about 66″ x 72″ or as required by the quilter if you are sending it out to be quilted. Yardages vary depending on backing configuration. Learn how to make quilt backing.

Quilt Batting

  • A panel about the same size as the backing.

Quilt Binding

  • About 285 running inches of continuous doublefold binding to finish at 1/4″. Since the quilt has a border on its outer edges you could use a wider binding but take care to follow correct mitering instructions for binding sewn to the quilt with a wider seam allowance.

Make the X Quilt Blocks

Make X Quilt Blocks
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