Postage Stamp Mini Quilt

Welcome to Quilt For Lovers, ready to learn how to sew your pieces with a personalized grid with this Postage Stamp Mini Quilt tutorial?! This is a great pattern for fabric scraps.

The postage quilt is a classic. It is perfect for using your little pieces of fabric… combining with a line of fabric or a pile of scraps. Either way, the result is the same. Cute. Simple. Pointless sewing. So if until today you had the thought that “Rest = Trash” get it out of your head


To help with irrational sewing, you will make a custom muslin grid for the fabric squares to continue… and then sew them all together line by line. It is a very smooth method.

For this project there is really no rhyme or reason for them. They are a crazy mix, but just simply… this mini quilt would really work very well to use your leftovers.

If you have more squares to use, your bedspread will not be that small. Go ahead and use them, don’t be afraid! When calculating the required size, divide the number of squares into rows and columns. Example – eight rows through five columns – you would need 40 squares of fabric. This is perfect for customizing, depending on the stock and squares you want to use.

Tutorial mini quilt postage stamp – simple and beautiful

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Necessary materials:

  • 48 squares 2 1/2 “X 2 1/2”
  • muslin fabric 30 ″ X 20 ″ for the grid
  • pencil
  • scale
  • second piece of muslin or batter 15 ″ X 20 ″
  • backing fabric 15 ″ X 20 ″
  • Thermoweb Super Stick (used to paste the squares in place)

final size: 14 “X 18”

Mini Stamp Quilt Tutorial

1) Measure the squares of your fabric – just in case they are a little apart – these are from a small backpack and have the area of ​​pink scissors and are slightly larger than the 2 ½ ”square. I used the measure I got from them to use in the next step. Please measure your squares and then do as you see fit.

postage stamp quilt measure your block

2) Start along one side of the fabric and, using a ruler, mark a line with a pencil and rule as you create (I drew mine at 2 3/4 ″) – if you are using 2 1/2 ″ Squares, your marked measure will be 2 ½ ″.

mark your lines to make the grid

3) Repeat the measurement and draw the lines on the bottom of the muslin until you have enough squares drawn for the squares you are using. The grid was 8 squares by 6 squares below.

your grid all layed out

4) Place the squares on the muslin until you are happy with the placement.

postage stamp quilt layout

5) Using a super glue stick, Attach the corners of each square.

postage stamp quilt glue the pieces down to secure
tack the corners of the squares down

6) Fold an entire line – the fold will naturally follow the edges of the squares, iron if necessary.

fold and iron if needed

7) Sew a 1/4 ″ seam along the fold line.

sew along folded edge

8) Repeat the fold and sew, fold and sew until the direction of the mini quilt ends.

one side sewn

9) Iron the seams in one size.

iron all the seams

10) Repeat – fold and sew until the other seams on the quilt are finished. Below is what the back looks like when finished.

backside of the postage stamp mini quilt

11) Place the top, another piece of muslin (or batter, if you choose) and backing fabric. Just decide to line it up with muslin, because the fabric of the foundation that is sewn together with the squares adds a little weight. The size of the mini bedspread is a little small, so avoid using batting and making it look weird. You can decide for yourself what you would like to do when you reach that stage.

layer your quilt pieces

12) Quilt as desired – you decide to make a diagonal cross hatch pattern. Super simple and quick to do

cross hatch quilting

13) Tie the mini quilt – use the binding you fold backwards

binding corner
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