Fresh Diamonds Quilt

Is it time to start a new project ?! Don’t worry, Quilt For Lovers is the perfect website to help you solve this problem, here it has great standards, some more beautiful than the other and always has news (so don’t miss it) so you can always deepen your knowledge !! Today we are going to learn a beautiful Fresh Diamonds Quilt pattern, and a beautiful pattern that we are going to teach today.

No doubt whenever you finish a project, you feel proud of the work you did, you leave your home with a touch of your own!! It is a great gift too and even better use the colors you want, explore the diversities!!

If you are a beginner and do not succeed, DO NOT GIVE UP!! Keep trying, that everything is a matter of time/practice “Practice makes perfect” and this pattern is very simple to create and great for beginners who want to take the next step from the assembly squares.

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Fresh diamonds
The finished quilt measures approximately 50 ”x 54”
Fold the fabric listed below to make a large single quilt.

Materials required:

  • 2 x charm packs OR 78 x 5 ”x5” charms (I used * Bliss by Moda)
  • 1.5 meters of solid fabric (I used blank kona cotton)
  • 3-yard coordinating fabric for support
  • Coordinating fabric ½ yard for bookbinding
  • 60 ”hitting square
  • Neutral thread for mending
  • Ruler and pencil
  • Cutting mat, rotary cutter, ruler
  • Iron and ironing board
  • General sewing supplies


Solid fabric – cut strips 9 x 5 ”from the width of the fabric. Cut 5 ”squares across these strips to obtain 72 x 5” squares.

Coordinating bonding fabric – cut into 2.5 ”strips


  • Put a colorful charm and a white charm together, with the right side facing up.
  • With your ruler and pencil, draw a straight line diagonally across the square of white fabric.
  • Sew ¼ ”on both sides of the pencil line.

Do this for all squares.

When the squares are all sewn together, use the rotary cutter and the ruler to cut on the pencil line

Cut all the squares along the pencil line.

Open and press the squares on the colored side.

Trim the HST blocks into 4.5 ”squares. This process is tedious, but for best results, it is mandatory.

Now, use the design wall (or if you don’t have one) and find a large space on the floor, bed, table etc. and start organizing your HST blocks in the way that suits you best.

12 squares across and 13 squares below.

Sew the squares together, line by line and press the seams to alternate sides.

When the top of the quilt is all sewn together, press it down firmly. Ask for their support, if necessary, and press well.

Place the protective fabric on the right side down on a hard surface and use tape to secure it, ensuring that the fabric is taut but not distorted. Place the batting square over it and then the quilt firmly pressed.

Water the 3 layers with safety pins. Quilt, as desired, use a free movement pattern throughout the quilt.

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