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Chevron Quilt

Looking for an easy patchwork pattern ?! You’re in the right place, welcome to Quilt For Lovers !! The patchwork pattern called Chevron Quilt is so modern and everyone likes it, it’s a great gift. Ready to learn how to make a patchwork pattern, the easiest way ?!

There is no way to be sure how long it will take you to complete the project, but it is definitely the easiest to use pre-cut fabrics, but it can be expensive for the project! But don’t worry, you’ll see how easy it is to assemble a patchwork…

Coins are surprisingly easy, you don’t need a pattern! (Although if you want to make a quilt of a specific size, you will need to do some math.)

Use 2/3 of a Moda cake called Hello Luscious and 1/2 of a layer of solid white from the Bella Solids line of Moda, or any other color you have at home! Then use a ruler to cut the squares from corner to corner.

How to Make a Chevron Quilt

With this method, you first cut your fabric into squares. Any size you want, although you can use 10 cm of pre-cut.

Align 2 squares of alternating colors, right sides together and sew all the way around the square. (It’s kind of hard to see what should be done, because of the white thread on the white fabric)

Then use a ruler to cut the squares from corner to corner.

When you flip the pieces over, you will have 8 half square triangles.

Just arrange your fabric pieces into the chevron pattern.

Keep going and you will see the pattern come together:

The great thing about this method, is that you can create many different patterns, like a pinwheel or diagonal stripes.

One thing to keep in mind when cutting half square triangles this way is that you definitely need to use spray starch when pressing the triangles flat. The fabric is cut on the bias and could potentially stretch out when sewing. Use spray starch and didn’t really will have any problems.

Do this chevron quilt the easy way! You can definitely make one of these!

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