Classic Pink Duvet  

After looking at the fabrics for a long time, here’s a model for making a Classic Pink Duvet, with the classic hourglass blocks. There are already many good tutorials for these blocks, but this one will definitely be your favorite!

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Duvet size: 32 “x 41”, block size (unfinished): 5 “x 5”

You’ll need:
32 prints 6 ″ x 6 ″ squares and 32 white 6 ″ x 6 ″ squares (approx. 1 yards cut into 5 strips 6 ″ x width of fabric, then subcut 7 squares of each strip). For this particular quilt, about 8 different print fabrics were used and 4 squares of each fabric were cut.

  1. Draw a diagonal pencil line from corner to corner on the wrong side of each white square. Many hate this part… if it helps to align their squares, then draw lines on several squares at once:

2. Place a print square and a white square on the right side with the pencil line facing up. Sew 1/4 “of the line on each side (if not lazy and want a job with an amazing finish sew the squares, otherwise it’s not required!). Continue until all 32 white and printed squares have been stitched.

To make this process faster, you can chain all squares together. Sew on one side of the line in all squares and, without cutting the threads between the blocks, put them back in the machine and sew on the other side. Then, when done, secure the two segments between each block.

3. Place a square on the cutting mat and cut the pencil line from corner to corner. DO NOT MOVE PARTS YET! (TIP: Separate a little, just so you can see the cut)

4. Cut another diagonal line from the other corner to the corner in the same square.

5. Press the triangles toward the print fabrics. You must place 2 hourglass blocks in this cut square:

6. Combine and secure the center seams, then sew the pieces together to make 2 hourglass blocks. Press seam to one side or open.

7. Now the fun part or not by raising the blocks to 5 ″ x 5 ″. Everyone has their own quadrature method … a method will be presented, but feel free to do as you see fit:

Align the diagonal lines of your block with the diagonal lines of your cutting mat…

Measure from the center 2 1/2 ″ off one side and trim the excess. Do the same at the top or bottom to align the edges along the gridlines and trim the remaining edges to form a 5 ″ block. If your carpet does not have these useful gridlines, you will have to find another way, but just measure 2 1/2 ″ from the center on each side. You can even cut more than one at a time if you are not a perfectionist.

8. Place the blocks in 9 rows of 7 blocks each, rotating all the other blocks. Sew the blocks into threads and press the seams toward the printed fabrics (this part is important so that the seams are even and clean when sewing the threads). Secure and sew the threads to finish the top of the quilt.

NOTE: To make hourglass blocks of any size… cut your initial squares 1 ″ larger than you would like the (un) finished squares to be.

Resultado de imagem para A Pink Classic Quilt Tutorial
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