Pixel Heart Quilt

Pronto para trabalhar com corações pixelizados em grande escala como este, com colchas, o Quilt For Lovers traz outro padrão divertido e um trabalho incrível ao terminar!

The Pixel Heart pattern includes instructions for creating large (28-1 / 2 “x 24”) and gigantic (85-1 / 2 “x 72”) hearts. Both sizes can be made with scraps and / or 5 “x 5” squares. This version uses 2 “squares, 4 of which can be cut into a single charm square. The gigantic version uses 5” x 5 “squares.

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Most people wanted to use this as a quilt instead of a back quilt, so this pattern so that each heart has a simple border made from the bottom fabric. Do not hesitate to deviate from it, as the heart was made by the back of the quilt. The pattern includes the borderless heart only dimensions, so you can add additional border / background fabric as appropriate for your specific project.

If you want to use a giant heart on the back of a large pointed quilt, just ignore the vertical and horizontal edge instructions in the Pixel Hearts pattern and stitch 2 pieces 12-1 / 2 “x 76-1 / 2 instead. 2 “each at the top and bottom of a gigantic heart.

Resultado de imagem para Pixel Heart Quilt

You can see that all seams have been tightened and each set of matching sewing tabs fastened, making sure each pin goes through both sides of the sewing tab at both the top and bottom.

If you are right-handed, you will prefer to fix in this direction, as it is easier to match open seams. It is also easier to remove the pins at the last second when using the sewing guide (that metal thing that is screwed into the machine). Recommended sewing guide for anyone using a straight sewing machine like my Janome 1600p!


When pressing so many open seams, it can be easy to pull aside the seam allowances at the bottom. If you are having problems, slightly lift your patchwork just before it reaches the needle. If the seam allowance is not correct, put it back in place before sewing it.

Resultado de imagem para Pixel Heart Quilt
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