Rolling Stone Quilt

Hello friends of our site Quilt For Lovers, this in today’s post, we brought a beautiful quilt pattern called Rolling Stone. This model is super versatile, practical, economical. Check out everything you can to learn and get the pattern of an amazing, beautiful and delicate Rolling Stone Quilt.

Use your imagination with square bedspread can be the desired size. Rugs, bedspreads, pillows can also be made. Both can be used with thicker yarns but also with a thinner yarn of your choice. The square can be made in two or more cores, tone upon tone and also in a single color of your choice to make this one. Beautiful bedspread pattern.

Guys below I leave the free PDF standard with all the information for all the people who want to make this beautiful project. Hope you like. Good job and until the next standard!

Follow the whole tutorial to the end very carefully so as not to make mistakes. And it’s ready! They give charm anywhere and are still super useful in winter. Quilts can only be a decoration or cover for those days when you just want to lie on the couch watching movies and series, so useful, isn’t it?

Free Available Pattern: Rolling Stone Quilt
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