Surprise Half Hexi Quilt

Hello friends of our site Quilt For Lovers I bring you a beautiful pattern that I fell in love precisely with the color combination, where it makes the atmosphere more cheerful and cozy with this pattern that we will learn today. Surprise Half Hexi Quilt was designed by Jenny Doan of Missouri Star. If you are going to start sewing now, this beautiful pattern we will learn today.

Did you know that it doesn’t take much material to do the job, but some are essential, such as a circular cutter, a cutter, a ruler, fabrics, threads, pins, pencils, scissors, iron and of course a beautiful sewing machine. Quilt pattern. The products together form the basic patchwork kit to make beautiful quilts that are never lost to make these beautiful quilt patterns.

We can do many things with this pattern, such as bedspreads, rugs, pillows, placemats, bags and more, it all depends on your imagination … The list of possibilities is huge! Simple, beautiful and inexpensive, this pattern we will learn Surprise Half Hexi Quilt was designed by Jenny Doan of Missouri Starlogo. Below we will post the tutorial video of this beautiful pattern.

Here at our Quilt For Lovers website, you learn how to create patterns in patterns, from the simplest to the most complex. Soon we will introduce a new pattern and keep it updated with a beautiful quilt pattern.

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