Half Hexie Fly Away Quilt

Hello, welcome to Quilt For Lovers, this Quilting is a sewing method designed to join two or more layers of materials together to form a thicker material, Quilting. Quilter is the name given to someone who works in quilting. The quilt can be handcrafted by a person, a sewing machine or a specific machine for these types of legal jobs. Typical upholstery consists of three layers: the top or top of the quilt, the intermediate layer of the insulating material and the third layer, the backing material.

Let’s know a little about this technique: quilting or hand sewing is to pass the needle and thread through all the layers and then bring the needle back. Quilting can be done directly or with commonly used run points, it all depends on the pattern you will use. These points can be purely functional or elaborately decorated.

Let’s learn a beautiful quilt pattern called Half Hexie Fly Away Quilt. It’s a simple quilt with half hexagons, but the way the fabrics come together creates butterfly shapes instead of hexagons. The finished quilt is 38 “x 56”, it is perfect as a baby quilt. Let’s post the full, cool tutorial link of these quilt patterns that we are always updating our quilt site for those who like a beautiful quilt pattern, let’s learn this beautiful pattern and until the next quilt post.

Free Available Pattern: Half Hexie Fly Away Quilt
Curiosity about the quilt technique

Did you know that the word “quilt” is derived from the Latin Culcita, which means tied quilt, giving rise to the quilting technique of producing thicker quilted fabric for protection. And one more curiosity the first evidence of quilting is found in Asia sometime before the first century AD. A rug, quilted clothing from that time was found in a tomb in the Siberian cave. The central themes (mainly animals, with spirals at the edges) were worked in the seam while the bottom was a very thick mesh.

Ancient Egyptian sculptures show details that resemble quilted clothing, possibly to warm up on those cold desert nights. Quilting also made history in the tradition of embroidery in Europe around the fifth century AD. The use of Egyptian cotton materials can be observed, indicating that trade with Egypt and the Mediterranean was a channel for the development of the technique.

Padded objects were relatively rare in Europe until the twelfth century, when beds and other items became part of the furniture after the return of the Middle East Crusades. The padded medieval armor of gambeson, aketon and doublet was mainly worn as armor or even combined with knitted armor, or over coat-shaped dresses. The quilt has a very interesting story.

They later evolved into the padded doublet worn by Europeans as fashionable clothes from the fourteenth to the seventeenth century. Quilted clothing began to be worn in the 14th century, with quilted doublets and armor in France, Germany, England and tunics in Italy.

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