Red Hot Flash Quilt

Although the quilt reference occurs almost exclusively in the upper middle class families’ reports and inventories, we can assume that women from poor families also made quilts. Some examples of English bedspreads are from the early eighteenth century. Patchwork and quilting were common occupations in most ancient societies, until covers and bed covers were manufactured and gained general availability.

Only after that did they connect with the poor, who could not buy manufactured goods and ready-made parts because of their conditions. This association between patchwork and poverty lasted until social standards changed after World War II, when women finally started leaving home to work.

Already in North America, especially in the United States, patchwork and quilting were part of the social scene, especially in rural areas, where they have been practiced since the time of colonization.

They served as a survival tool, a social outlet for cooperation in assembling large items, and often the only creative expression of women living in isolated places, which is very sad to hear. The execution of “blocks” certainly developed for simple and practical reasons, as they were easy to transport when the family moved and could be worked in idle hours in times of change and in small spaces resulting in a dazzling job!

The US quilt has been the most influential in recent years around the world, especially in places like Australia and Japan. Whether mended, embroidered or applied, Quilts reflect the entrepreneurial spirit of women. With their unique mix of colors, fabrics and embroidery details, the quilts can be read like newspaper text. Quilt is really a very interesting art, you can express yourself and do it your way because it portrays you your art!

Quilt Red Hot Flash is a textile work with utility or decorative function, composed of three layers, Red Hot Flash Quilt by Blank Quilting. Quilt is a person’s handmade sewing machine that joins the three layers of a quilt. A piece of Quilt may or may not have a patchwork top.


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