Gravity Quilt

Ready to see one of the most popular quilts on the internet?! The pattern is called “Gravity”, it is splicisely wonderful. It is a large quilt, 96cm x 97cm, and they ask a lot to preserve the padded light to keep the wedding budget and that was not a problem, because who doesn’t love the custom light?!!

Elements of the central design patterns were used and 95% of the quilt is made with rulers. At the bottom, a different style of quilting in the center was immediately used to really separate the two areas and allow the center to shine.

Resultado de imagem para Gravity Quilt"

This is the first sketch that was created and being the final design. Why not have lightning coming from the center, but also echoing the design?! No doubt the perfect combination, giving a feeling of overlap!! It is really perfect.

All seams of this quilt are open, which is a padded style. You are not using it as much as you need to avoid sewing in the ditch as much as possible. Then came the rulers, especially padded pineapple models, who love these curved rulers. Sometimes it will be the first time you will experience the smallest, BFF, as it usually releases the small CC curve. But you’ll love it and see how perfect the quilted curves look on this quilt, because it’s made entirely of solid fabrics.

What can you use?

The thread I was instructed to use was Poly Mono, no doubt the perfect choice. That’s why you can fold this blanket so fast and be pleasantly surprised at how much you will like the final look, which has also given it a little sparkle. One design element that you may not immediately notice is that the six diamonds in the center are filled in the same way, although not exactly alike. This gave the center a good focus, although it was not following the line in all diamonds. Indeed, in all areas of design, the quilt with its colors plays a major, primordial and prominent role. Colors reign, that’s it! And with this step by step of this wonderful quilt, you will learn all about her the so famous… Gravity Quilt!

Resultado de imagem para Gravity Quilt"


Resultado de imagem para Gravity Quilt"
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