Flying Geese Quilt Pattern Free

Hello my friends, a great day to everyone who follows us here on our Quilt For Lovers site. How about updating your projects? I hope so, or if it’s been a long time and we want to go back here is the opportunity, today we will leave a beautiful pattern for you and also a look at our site that we are always bringing new pattern, there are many cool news things, many beautiful quilt patterns I’m sure you will like it. And so, they are set to another new standard: learning more about this beautiful world of craftsmanship which is what we enjoy doing and not really practicing. In the past, the quilt was a simple job, but over time it was modifying and modernizing and therefore being valued more.

In today’s pattern that we will learn and called Flying Geese Bedspread, I bring you a new piece of quilt / patchwork crafts for you. In addition to being a beautiful art we love, it is also an art that also brings many benefits to us, as well as making pieces and working with our hands. It also improves our coordination and memory, as well as selling our projects and generating revenue for your home with this work. The pattern I bring today is the quilt pattern called Flying Geese Quilt. It is a beautiful pattern that has been widely practiced and we can do it in many ways. If you want to know how to do it, follow us below so we can get past you.

The gorgeous Flying Geese pattern is a pattern that you will enjoy having in your collection. This pattern is made up of several triangles, so it is a very fun pattern to do because of the many ways to join the triangles so you can make a super original piece. It has a very modern and geometric design made up of loose triangles sewn together to form a wonderful work.

It is simply beautiful how the triangles of cut fabrics so simply of this pattern come together and form a different result that can be changed in several ways, only by changing the side that turns the triangle by changing the direction of the direction giving a wonderful and super modern result as I left the example in the photo above showing how you can do changing each row to a direction.

Ways to Make

This pattern can modify by changing the direction of the arrows that are the triangles being able to do all to the same side or as in the photo one row up and one down, can make a yes a no, one up another down or a sequence of 5 for example up and 5 down and following at last many means that can do as pattern.

You can also do changing the colors, one of each color or using two colors intercalando or even use fabrics of flowers of different designs to make a pattern thus, in end are innumerable ways that do not of innumerable here. Each one can do as you prefer and also find that it fits better or that matches your decoration of where you will use your piece. Using imagination can do many different things, as I always say that using imagination is essential.

This pattern can be used as a quilt or it can hang on the wall as this being quite used to decorate the environment as the room, room thus giving a personalized touch or giving as a gift to someone you love with something you have done with your own hands. Every time I do such a job, I am very happy and satisfied because the result is truly incredible.

Below I leave the pattern free with all the information for all the people who want to do this beautiful project. Hope you like it. Good work and up to the next pattern.

PATTERN FREE: Flying Geese Quilt Block

Below we will post a (video tutorial) of the flying geese quilt of a Missouri star Jenny Doan!

Quilt of flying geese from a seam with Jenny Doan from Missouri Star! (Video tutorial)

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