Colorful Baby Pinwheel Quilt

Hello, welcome to Quilt For Lovers. Today we will learn how to make a colorful baby pinwheel quilt , what do you think about learning this beautiful pattern? Surely you have seen some tabs out there! This is considered a craft technique and is present indoors, with a patchwork dishcloth or a colorful weather vane on the bedspreads or on the streets, in the form of handbag and t-shirt details, for example. Quilt pinwheels are quite traditional, so in this technique you use different fabric cutouts and tie them together harmoniously. In the end, patchwork is a way of creating fun, colorful and, most importantly, unique pieces.

With this patchwork technique we will learn, you can make as many products as you wish. Some of the most classic we mentioned, but in addition to them, it is also possible to produce pillowcases, rugs, curtains, wallets and more. See how to make tabs and start producing this beautiful quilt!


Guys, if you are thinking about starting quilt but are afraid to do it, know that it is not as complicated as it seems, however, before going through a step by step patchwork, let’s talk a little about its structure for you.

PATCHWORK consists of three overlapping layers.

Top – The top, made with the tabs.
Fill – It is in the middle, is what gives volume to the patchwork.
Lining – Usually the one-piece fabric sits at the bottom of the patchwork to give it a beautiful finish.

Now that you know the structure of a patchwork, let’s go to our simple tutorial on patchwork. Let’s start with the necessary materials.

Patchwork of fabric.
Lining fabric.
Upholstery (can be acrylic blanket).
Ruler or tape measure.
Scissors or circular cutter.
Needle and thread or sewing machine.

PATTERN FREE: Colorful Baby Pinwheel Quilt

A tip for you, the recommended patchwork fabrics are 100% cotton. They don’t tear much, are firmer than synthetics and have a huge variety of prints. It is interesting that you wash the flap fabrics before starting work. That way you will find out if they shrink or drop ink.

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