Spice Rack Quilt by Jenny

If you like quilt and looking for a new pattern to update and create beautiful patterns, here is the place, look no further, here is where you can find patterns from the simplest to the most complex. Here you will find a lot of diversity and fall in love with all the amazing patterns that exist here on our quilt site. So everyone who is interested in patchwork and wants to learn more and learn more techniques knows that it is in the right place!

We are always selecting growing patterns and innovations that appear in craftsmanship with simple and difficult patterns and different techniques to improve and acquire skills and to have more practice to develop your projects to perfection. This site is very complete with a variety of amazing step-by-step patterns, Jenny’s video and inspiring photos to help you see what your work will be like. Want to know more about the pattern we separate today? So let’s start!

Let’s learn a quilt pattern, let’s make a beautiful quilt pattern called “Spice Rack”, designed by Jenny Doan! This quilt pattern is very beautiful, but it is hard to do, not a beginner level, but nothing so persistent, patience and dedication is not enough to make this beautiful quilt.

Start by choosing a 5 cm square package. Jenny Doan used a solid flannel pack. The background fabric she has chosen is linen. It’s all tied with a navy fabric.

However, cotton bedspreads, prints or solids will look wonderful on this beautiful colorful bedspread. Choose the colors you prefer and a highlight for the blocks and edges of the beam and a tip you can use.

Here’s how Jenny demonstrates how to make this beautiful quilt.

You’ll find a transcript of the video and fabric requirements at the following link.

Click here for the “Spice Rack Quilt” transcript.

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