Christmas Tree Table Topper

Hello, welcome to Quilt For Lovers. Let’s learn Christmas cartoons. The quilt is welcome on all occasions and on all types of pieces, never goes out of style and this very special date is Christmas when we are always with family and friends. Always modernizing the update and with these new patterns are created and new parts and designs are created. Increase your skills and experience in this beautiful world of craftsmanship that brings us many benefits for you.

Do you like decorating your home at Christmas like me? This special date is coming and it’s time to start preparing to make your home more beautiful and cozy, and it will help you set the Christmas mood in your home to welcome family and friends using your favorite colors and elements. that symbolize this date.

The pattern of this Christmas motif post is called Christmas Tree Table Topper, it is a very beautiful design and not difficult to make, can be sewn by hand or with a sewing machine of your choice. By combining the fabrics of your choice, they give a lot of harmony and combination. This artwork will look great on your home decor, and can also be made as a gift for someone you love or receive.

For people working to earn an extra patchwork income, Christmas is a date everyone celebrates and is a great opportunity to produce beautiful pieces, increase your sales, and get a great income for you.

Pattern Free – Christmas Tree Table Topper

Christmas decoration
For you who are decorating the house at Christmas, how about decorating the house with pieces of patchwork and turning something lovely? To help everyone get more inspiration for their beautifully colored Christmas designs you choose, I leave a Christmas pattern for you.

So don’t waste your time, look at this pattern now and get your work started. Consult your fabric stock if there are any fabrics you can use in this pattern to enjoy and do a magnificent job.

I leave beautiful image of this pattern that I leave here for you is as it will be, a piece of green fabric was used to make the trees. This pattern shows trees made with various pieces of fabric, thus giving an uneven appearance.

About colors
When choosing colors, you can follow the colors and prints shown in the photo or, if you prefer another color, you can choose the following in the Christmas context and embellish as you wish, there are a multitude of fabrics, colors and prints to choose from, prints that most please you and leave your home full of beauty and delicacy. Get more comfortable in your environment and be happy to welcome your family and friends.

Tips for your work
Trees are made using the Tri-Recs rule.
If you do not have this tool, you can create it in your own way and in your model.
Draw a triangular tree also on a 6 “square and add a 1/4” border to the edges. Don’t forget that some of these edges overlap.

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