Moon Glow Quilt

Hello, welcome to Quilt For Lovers. This “Jinny Beyer” quilt block is designed as a patchwork course for intermediate and advanced quilt. The huge variety of blocks gives us more and more basic skills and we become more advanced as the months progress. Created over 10 years ago, Jinny’s Moon Glow pattern has never been depleted.

Originally designed as a month quilt block, it is designed as a teaching standard for padding from entry level to intermediate level and without a doubt to perfect your skills, increase your knowledge of the quilt area!! Compass blocks alternate with lighted wood blocks, starting with the easiest block and ending with the hardest. The craftsmanship is from the time of our grandparents, present in all the houses of the time, being passed from generation to generation… is something really wonderful!!

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The quilt is made with patchwork techniques, and the final work is known as quilting, which is the union of the fabric flaps with the acrylic blanket, which ensures protection and comfort in the production of the quilt, as well as other handicrafts.

If the patchwork was once seen as simple and unremarkable because it is a patchwork, today it is valued for being an extremely handcrafted product. Whether you want to decorate your home with the Moon Glow quilt, give someone a gift or just give the room a new look, the quilt is the perfect solution.

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