Scrap Nine Patch Quilt

This Scrap Nine Patch quilt block pattern is an easy design, perfect for all quilters, from beginning to end. The center of nine patches is placed on the spot, surrounding it with corner triangles.

Sew quilt blocks in pairs. You will create nine-pack block pairs and each block in one pair will contain the same fabrics, but the nine patch centers will be configured differently.

I love the bright and bold solids combining perfectly in half-square triangles. I brought you a quilt that I loved the result, it was just wonderful and I think you’ll like it too. Have fun organizing and rearranging the pieces to create your own nice design.

Making a postcard from Sweden Quilt is not so easy for beginners, but nothing is impossible, it can take a long time, but the end is incredible. Be willing to really spend enough time to finish it or pay someone to finalize it for you.

Synthetic fabrics, such as polyester and rayon, are more resistant and will not break. However, they do not “breathe” and are suffocating when used on blankets. An important tip is to use cotton for the entire quilt and make appliques and decorations with the synthetic fabrics.

Fabric Selection

If you use dressmaker’s chalk to make markings, test on another fabric beforehand, as they can become stained irreversibly. You are free to use any fabric for the Swedish quilt postcard. Your quilt does not have to be made in the colors of the original pattern. While your quilt is all HST and measures at least 40 “squares. Today’s bond is for the cut step. It can be square if you are using the method two at a time, or it may be triangles if you are cutting squares at the same time. half or using an Accuquilt fabric cutter. Show us your delicious cut and ready-to-sew fabrics!

Rest time

Take breaks when sewing, especially if you sew by hand. Respect yourself and rest. You can hurt your back and hands sewing for a long time. Since this project takes time to finish, we need to rest. This quilt is a great gift and a joyful air in the environment.
Below we have a link that will teach you step by step how to make this beautiful quilt. Enjoy and good work.

Statistics of Quilt

Design: Inspired by Tom Frazier’s IKEA Kort Art cards.
Fabrics: 36 Kona cotton solids
Binding and support: Architextures crosshatch in gray and black
Quilting: Wonky wavy lines using walking foot.
Topic: Pieced and quilted with #Aurifil medium gray wire (50wt # 2605)
Size: approx. 48 “x 60”

FREE Pattern Step by Step – Postcard from Sweden Quilting

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