Lisbon Tile Quilt Block

Hello craft lovers, let’s learn a little more today from this huge world of craftsmanship, from the immense patterns and ways of doing work that, in the end, are so rewarding that the willingness to do more and improve your skills and experiences as well. the hardest jobs. Patchwork is a technique in which pieces and cuts of fabrics with different patterns come together to form a unique composition that becomes beautiful Lisbon Tile Quilt Block.

Do you know about patchwork work? Who doesn’t love this technique, sure you love it too.

We can do many things with this pattern, such as quilts, pillows, rugs, placemats, bags, … The list of possibilities is huge! Simple, beautiful and inexpensive: it’s scrapbooking, a technique that attracts thousands of fans, both for the convenience of creating objects and the end result.

Here are some options you can create with this technique:

  • Calendars, notebooks or books covers
  • Bags, suitcases;
  • Cup Cloths;
  • Curtains, pillows;
  • Bed covers;
  • American game

Choose the fabrics you will use, measure and cut several squares of each pattern to the same size. For the finish to look beautiful you must make straight cuts and measure all squares correctly. We recommend 100% cotton and recommend that they be washed before being used in handicrafts.

Pattern PDF free – Lisbon Tile Quilt Block


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